All natural, low fat, low cholesterol healthy Highmont beef steaks, high in Omega-3, locally grown in Montana

Blacktail Mountain Ranch Co., LLC

Welcome to the Blacktail Mountain Ranch Co., LLC


Blacktail Mountain Ranch Co. L.L.C., located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Montana produces a new breed of beef cattle known as HighMont Beef®.  For the first time in the world, we have crossed the Piedmontese breed with the ancient cattle breed of Scottish Highland, both known for low fat and low cholesterol characteristics.  The resulting new breed named the HighMont capitalizes on both their remarkable qualities of low fat, low cholesterol, taste and tenderness.


Our number one goal is to provide an all natural heart healthy beef that also tastes great. We have received the endorsement from a leading Cardiologist. We hope our customers will understand that the HighMontBeef® was originally designed with our family and friends in mind and our customers are therefore treated like our family and friends.


"The closer to the source
of your ingredients, the better the quality."


"We want quality of life. We want to do the best we possibly can with our product."


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