All natural, low fat, low cholesterol healthy Highmont beef steaks, high in Omega-3

Blacktail Mountain Ranch Co.



Dear Mr. Jonas,


Thank you for allowing me to visit your ranch and sample your great-tasting, all natural, low cholesterol, low fat beef. You have certainly come up with an idea that could revolutionize the prevention of cardiovascular disease and improve health. Avoiding beef has been one of the strongest recommendations by physicians to patients since cholesterol was found to be a culprit in the development of atherosclerotic disease, which leads to myocardial infarction and stroke. With your beef, we would no longer have to recommend avoiding beef, but would be able to recommend eating Highmont Beef because it has less cholesterol than chicken! By reducing intake of fat and cholesterol, people can reduce weight, thereby decreasing the risk for hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerotic disease. We know that dietary cholesterol isn’t solely responsible for cholesterol levels, as there is a genetic component, but it is clear that in societies that have low dietary intake of cholesterol and saturated (fats), there are lower rates of cardiovascular events. What we eat does matter.


I was quite impressed with the care and feeding of your stock, knowing that they graze on high quality ... grass, drink clean mountain water, and are supplemented with local hay, as well as oats, mineral supplements and flax. The benefits of flax are well known and more benefits are being discovered all the time. I believe that more people are becoming aware of abused of animals raised for food, with feedlots and the inability of animals to move about freely. Your animals are treated humanely, which counts for a lot in my opinion, and I’m sure, to others as well.


As for the taste of the HighMont Beef, it couldn’t be better. We were so surprised that something so good for you could taste so good, and that there was no toughness or dryness that one may expect from a low fat, low cholesterol product.


The challenge ahead is to get people to understand that something good for them can taste great! In a society where obesity of the young is rampant, and where we are losing trust in the safety and quality of our food, this is a perfect product at the right time.





Eve Gillespie, MD, PhD, FACC
Glacier View Cardiology





I am a physician, educated at Harvard Medical School, trained in internal medicine and geriatrics in Boston and trained in medical oncology at Stanford University and currently board certified in all three.


I am recently recovering from a cardiac event, and I am now determined to “practice what I have preached”.   The link between cholesterol and saturated fats and cardiac disease causes me to try to diminish my consumption of beef, with the hope that I might avoid further cardiac incidents.  I certainly was not happy with this alteration, but my health depends on what I eat.


As I was lamenting the loss of enjoying a good steak, my wife handed me the tattered brochure, from inside a gift box of HighMont beef, from Blacktail Mountain Ranch, which we had received earlier this year.   I was very interested in this beef product which has less cholesterol than chicken and, as a bonus, is a delicious, tender, flavorful and high in omega 3.


I was skeptical until I read what you feed your cattle.  Their diet is amazing!   I can personally attest to the fantastic taste, appearance, and tenderness of HighMont beef.


I also find it ironic that our citizens in this country can find it in their means and power to buy the very best in automobiles, fuel and oil, computers, gadgets of all kinds, yet when it comes to their health they scrimp and buy bargain meats and other foods to economize. The irony is that the most important machine they will ever have is given the least attention and lesser quality foods.


You have a wonderful product and, as a physician, I thank you and encourage you to continue your activities in this field of endeavor.




Ronald N Hochman, MD



Dear Mr. Jonas;


…….I would like to encourage you and applaud your efforts in breeding and marketing a race of “heart smart” beef cattle. We need a low saturated fat red meat alternative, and your breed of cattle seems to be it.



Ben Rossetto, MD. FACP

Kalispell Primary Care Clinic



When Ed, from Blacktail Mtn. Ranch, introduced the HighMont Beef “concept” to me, I was quite impressed with what would become available to my customers. Throughout the history of our business we have tried to bring the best products and food items into our business to offer to our customers. The HighMont beef is an exceptional product offering our customers a very unique and quite delicious – healthy beef product low in cholesterol and fat, yet extremely flavorful. Our customers that are interested in their cardiovascular health very much appreciate that we are offering this high quality beef for their dietary health concerns.


The HighMont beef is a great addition to our stores ongoing quest for the best foods we can offer our customers. I am extremely pleased to offer this high quality beef in my store. Thank you Ed,



Joe Withey
Withey’s Health Food, Inc.



Dear Mr. Jonas,


I am writing this letter in regards to the HighMont Beef that I have been purchasing from you.


This is the most outstanding tasting beef that I have ever purchased.


The fact that it is Low Fat and Low Cholesterol is wonderful for our residents but in no way is it lacking in flavor. The hamburgers that we have prepared from your ground beef are wonderful. Our assisted living facility will be a continuing customer for you. It gives me great pleasure to know that I am taking one more step for the health and well-being for the residents that trust us to do so. And as you can see I am very excited about this breed of cattle and I am greatly looking forward to doing more business with you and your family. Thank you for all that you are doing.




Kris Wolfenden D.M.
St. Joseph Assisted Living
11 17th Ave East
Polson, MT



April 30, 2008


Dear Sir or Madam:


I am writing this letter on behalf of Blacktail Mountain Ranch. I have been using the quality beef at BMR for about 1 year. I have been very pleased with the lean, flavorful and healthy beef they raise. One of my favorite products is their brisket; it is extremely tender and well received by our customers. Thanks Blacktail Mountain Ranch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Paul M Alsippi
Executive Chef/ Food & Beverage Director
Grouse Mountain Lodge


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